Peace In

So, I haven’t used this blog to shill products. Me, my writing, my ideas–sure.

Here’s an idea that’s so good I can’t resist passing it on:

Peace Care.

Remember the Peace Corps?  Started by JFK and now in its 50th year, thousands of Americans have volunteered for stints of two to three years in 139 different countries.

Arguably, there has been no greater dissemination of American know-how and values to the world than from our Peace Corps volunteers.  In an era of rampant anti-Americanism in the Muslim world, Peace Care is an idea that makes sense no matter where you find yourself on the political spectrum.

As the earthquake in Haiti has demonstrated, there is ample interest in people from all sectors who want to help people devastated by disaster.

But as I blogged about earlier, it’s difficult to sustain the energy to continue rebuilding after the rubble has been cleared and the bodies counted.

Peace Care is an idea dedicated to helping provide health care infrastructure in countries that are woefully short of health care providers.

It’s a triple-win: a win for the volunteers, a win for the peoples getting needed help, and a win for U.S. diplomacy.

There’s no finer example of great American work in the Muslim world than the story of the USNS Mercy, a floating hospital that helped injured Indonesians after the Xmas 2004 tsunami.

It’s believed that “on the street” positive opinion of America surged in the wake of the Mercy’s two month mission.

For my tax dollars, Peace Care would be a wise investment and something to be proud of.