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Latke vs. Hamantash [UPDATED]


An eternal question.

One week DAY until the 64th edition of the ongoing debate.

Which do you prefer?


You can use the <Contact> page to send an answer, or just answer in the Comments below; answers that are three sentences or less will count disproportionally more.

Showbill here. Informative article about the history here.

Hope you can come.



  1. glasshospital


    • Irv

      Surely, you jest. Latkes rule.

  2. rgold

    latke without a doubt.

  3. Bob Saget

    Latke, of course. Only a schmuck would pick hamentashen.

  4. Emily

    I never made it to that debate while I was on campus, but I have made it to your blog, courtesy of a comment of yours on the NY Times. Now that I’m here, I feel compelled to defend the honor of the magnificent hamentaschen. They far outshine the lowly latke!

  5. Nona Mills

    latke without a doubt.

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