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Yacht Medicine

My current yacht is feeling so jejune.

I’ve been having trouble finding quality medial care aboard my yacht lately.

Thank goodness Guardian 24/7 is working tirelessly to fill this vital niche.

A reader sent me a link to this beyond swanky-sounding service. At first glance, I was fairly certain I was reading from the pages of The Onion. But this is no joke: Here are some of the marketing claims:

FOUNDED BY former White House physicians and doctors for advanced medical planning, Guardian 24/7 offers medical protection previously available only to the President of the United States. We work with your physicians to design a system perfectly suited to your unique needs.

Guardian 24/7 is not for everyone. But it just might be for you.

Yeah. It just might be for you if you’re insanely wealthy. A touch paranoid. And have an interest in trying to live forever.

You won’t find prices listed anywhere on the site. But a NY Times article about the service quoted a price of between six and twelve thousand dollars per month, in addition to the $700,000 necessary to install one of their “ready rooms” on your yacht or plane. Heck, you can even get one installed in your house.

For true amusement, watch the video on the website.

Yeah, that looks a lot like my estate…

Who wouldn’t want to turn their bedroom into a hospital room with the touch of a button?

Before Guardian, this kind of medical protection was only available to one person. But now, presidential-level care can be yours — on your schedule and your terms.

I’m not certain about it, but I don’t think they mean Michael Jackson.


  1. Pranab

    …with all due respect the only way I can react to this is thus: *facepalm*


  2. Kohar Jones

    Too funny!
    Although I DO like that they acknowledge that in the US, our first class doctors work in a “second class system.”
    Too bad Guardian’s proposed solution is to get “hard working” people “who serve their families and communities” to drop out of the health care system all together, rather than encourage them to place their energies and enormous resources into improving the system for everyone.

  3. Marie

    I am torn as to what word is needed to describe this. Obnoxious? Laughable? Downright creepy? I am leaning towards laughable (“ReadyRoom”? “Integrated strategy”? LOL), but obnoxious and creepy are winning.

    I have a crippling chronic disease and I am not even that interested in my own health.

    It is concerning to see the gap between what is available to most of us mere mortals and what some physicians are willing to subjugate themselves to for money. Because no one is under any illusion that there are doctors out there who believe concierge care is essential for the good of mankind. It does, in fact, invoke ridicule and bitterness. On their website Guardian features an article in the New York Times from last year about concierge care. Notably absent is the Times article from last month about that level of care being offered at Columbia Presbyterian. Of the 229 comments left, the majority were blisteringly critical.

  4. Logan Mikel

    Very good blog post. I definitely love this website. Continue the good work!

  5. Jason J. Fisher

    I actually think the concept seems pretty awesome, although Guardian 24/7 took down all of the website except for a landing page. It seems to me that a better model would be in having the emergency equipment, transport and a trained nurse around to stabilize you and get you off to a top hospital though.

  6. bonnie

    I am a retired family practitioner- grown children- divorced- looking for a position on a yacht or for wealthy patients. I am a former model- fit, looking to practice part time.
    If you are interested- please email me

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