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“THIS is Marketplace”

Money and medicine…inextricably intertwined.

Thousands of fans wrote in after hearing my commentary this past Friday on the radio program Marketplace. Many of them had important questions:

  • “Did they fly you out to USC for the interview?”
  • “Is Robert Reich really that short?”
  • And of course, “So what does Kai Ryssdal actually look like?”

Well, sorry to disappoint.

I recorded the commentary at KWGS, the Tulsa NPR affiliate, several weeks ago. Not only did I not get to meet Kai Ryssdal at USC, apparently former Labor Secretary Reich records his commentaries somewhere in Northern California and doesn’t trek down to L.A., either. [Though I hear he wears platform shoes when he records to make his commentaries sound more authoritative.]

If you have about two minutes, you can listen to the piece right here on GlassHospital by clicking on the play button embedded just below:

Feel free to go to the Marketplace website and leave comments on the commentary (!?) if you like this sort of thing and want to further my egotistical campaign to become a regular contributor there.

If you’re really a glutton for medicine and radio (and GH), you can also catch a whole episode of the medical student-hosted and produced show RadioRounds right here.

Lastly, to complete the radio trifecta of media over-saturation for the week, click here to hear StudioTulsa host Rich Fisher interview me about the rise of hospitalists in the U.S., based on the article I wrote for the


  1. Justine

    great job!!! great enunciation!!! NPR listeners demand more!!!!

  2. Kelly

    That was a great interview. You should be a regular!

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