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Rumors of A Doc’s Demise…

A loyal reader sent me this very interesting letter.

Dr. Dowden apparently mailed it to all of his patients, current and former. [Note: This is not an April Fool’s joke.]


An interesting example of doctor/patient communication.


Not a very subliminal message. Translation:

“Rumors of my retirement are greatly exaggerated. Fear not, loyal patients. Yet should you be hesitating on having me render you more beautiful, tarry no further; else you may find yourself out of luck…”

I wonder if by this method he’ll drum up business and retire in a blaze of cosmetic glory.

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  1. Carolyn Thomas

    Dr. Dowden’s letter – coming from a plastic surgeon – seems downright creepy. Can you imagine anything like this originating from your dermatologist (“Get that annoying rash checked out today!”) or your orthopedic surgeon (“Is your meniscus in need of repair?”) or your OB-GYN (“Hurry in for early bird specials this week on pap tests!”)

    Are you absolutely positively really sure this wasn’t an April Fool’s letter?! 🙂

    Carolyn Thomas

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