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Happy Anniversary

General Hospital turns 50 today.

The ABC network soap opera is considered the longest running in the history of television, which pretty much makes it the longest running in the history of the world.

General Hospital is the reason I went into medicine.

                    Luke & Laura tie the knot.

Luke & Laura tie the knot.

The chance to experience melodrama on a daily basis, wondering who’d survive, who’d thrive, who did it, and who and what they were doing it with was too compelling for me NOT to spend several years in darkened lecture halls followed by putting on a white coat and following people down long florescently-lit corridors.

Not only was GH my inspiration, I learned most of my medicine from the show. Things like yelling, “STAT!” very loudly in no particular direction. Not to mention how often to get the white coat pressed.

I learned that nearly all patients are fabulous, some malicious, some gossipy, some even a wee bit evil. And that almost are doctors are smart and good-hearted. Except the ones that are evil.

Today marks show # 12,785. That’s almost as many shows as Dr. Koop did hernia repairs!

Happy Anniversary, GH!

And a happy April to you, readers of GH–GlassHospital (no relation, I assure you.)


  1. Kate

    Hilarious. I love the “STAT” idea. I was hooked on “Mary Tyler Moore,” and the “Lou Grant” spinoff was the reason I went into newspapers. What will “Dance Moms” and the like inspire in our kids?

    • glasshospital


  2. Philip Lederer

    Great post 🙂 I did watch General Hospital a few times, but strongly preferred ER. More action..

    • glasshospital

      I’ll say…

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