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GlassHospital: Bat Mitzvah edition

It’s a special week here in Oklahoma. In addition to Spring arriving in earnest, many people have travelled far and wide to visit GlassHospital and join us for a rite of passage known as Bat Mitzvah, literally “daughter of the good deed.”

Reading from the Torah: passage to adulthood.

Reading from Torah: becoming an adult.

My daughter put months of preparation into her stellar performance chanting torah and haftarah (this week from II Samuel–a very lengthy chapter, according to those in the know) and leading a sabbath service for our congregation.

She made her parents and assorted relatives kvell.

As part of the rite of passage, the bat mitzvah student reflects on the meanings of her torah portion (from the book of Leviticus)–both what it means and how she contextualizes it. In addition, a bat mitzvah involves herself in good works (mitzvoth) to tikkun olam (literally: “repair the world”).

I value this tradition.

One other important part of the shabbat service is the mi shebeirach, the prayer to ask for healing the sick. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that are ill–now and always.


  1. Stephanie Kahn

    Mazal tov! I greatly enjoy your blog and wish you and your family much kvelling!

  2. Susan Blumberg-Kason

    A hearty mazel tov to your whole family!

  3. glasshospital

    Thanks to you both!

  4. Don

    Was wondering who owns the awesome B’at Mitzvah image. I would like to use it on my daughter’s program.

  5. glasshospital

    from a UK coloring book — which looks defunct. google helps- try bat mitzvah clip art.

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