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Walking Improves Your Brain

I’ve previously blogged about the value of exercise. Just walking. Thirty minutes a day.

250px-Gray728Remember, you have 23 1/2 hours left in the day to sleep, eat, sit on your butt, and stare at a screen. Just that 30 minutes a day makes big differences in your physical and mental health.

Now: research suggests that walking improves memory, and lessens the likelihood of dementia. All this, and the researchers only looked at people walking for periods of forty-five minutes, three times a week.

The part of the brain controlling memory, the hippocampus, became larger in a single year when measured before and after in 60 volunteers in the “intervention,” (i.e. walking) group.

I’m taking the dog for a walk. Talk to you soon.


  1. Damon

    what’s up doc? I agree walking helps a lot. we got a dog and I walk two miles a day with him and itimproved my insomnia. have not been on any sleep aid since December.

    • glasshospital

      delighted to hear it!

  2. Ginger Wilson

    I can’t say enough good things about walking. I have a sister in law that has lost 254 pounds simply by walking and watching her diet. She has been removed from a whole host of drugs too numerous to mention here. My husband and I at one time lost 165 combined. He was able to stop talking blood pressure medication that he had been on for 15 years. But the walking stopped and the weight is creeping back on since the weather is finally cooperating it will be back to walking and getting back that healthy lifestyle. All of these wonderful benefits from simply walking 30 minutes a day. Take charge and take a step.

    • glasshospital

      incredible! thank you for sharing…

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