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Colorful Map re: ObamaCare

As we enter the home stretch of ObamaCare implementation, this is the latest info on which states will accept Federal expansion of Medicaid effective 2014.

[Those of you keeping score at home will note that Oklahoma is solidly red.]

Where the States Stand

Via: The Advisory Board Company


  1. Mandy

    This map is wrong, and was wrong as at the date of publishing.

    Florida’s legislature rejected Medicare expansion right before it recessed for the year, back in early May. Unless the Republican-controlled legislature comes back for a special session later this year, Florida will NOT expand Medicaid in 2014.

    Facts seem to be anathema to Obamacare supporters.

    • Jennae

      Wow Mandy. That’s quite a broad indictment. The souce shown on the map. Are American Health Line and The Advisory Board “Obamacare” entities? I am unfamiliar with them but your hate’s ringing through.

  2. Mandy

    The map was wrong as of the date of this post (May 2013), when it made the claim that it was representing “Where The States Stand”.

    The fact still stands that the State of Florida had not as at May, and still has not as at June, decided to cave to Obamacare in. re. Medicaid expansion.

    Why are they trying to make Obamacare, and thus Obama, look more widely accepted than is accurate? Blind partisan cheerleading in aid of Obama is not helpful to anyone.

    My comment stands.

  3. Mandy

    By the way, where did the map which was displayed here as at the date of the post, 19 May, disappear to? Quite odd that it’s been replaced without comment.

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