It’s been an interesting week.doc-office-aca_wide-403577f90f9f2aa9fdfb92060c1f512825900d1f-s6-c30

I wrote an essay with some predictions (nine, to be precise) about where health care is headed in the Obamacare era, and it got some attention.

Please check it out: it’s on the NPR “Shots” blog, and it’s called “A Doctor’s 9 Predictions About the ‘Obamacare Era’.” Here’s a link: ARTICLE  [Or just click on the picture accompanying this post.]

I’m really happy with the response the article has been generating. If you scroll down below the article and read some of the comments, you’ll see that some folks think I’m anti-Obamacare, while others think I’m slandering Republicans. That’s how you can know when you’ve gotten it near-right. Critics from both sides!

I’ll say this: people often criticize journalists for bias. I think the comments demonstrate (if you read the article carefully) that respondents inject their own biases into how they see the article.

My thanks to the editors at “Shots” for shaping a solid piece and making it all the more logical, powerful, interesting and attractive.


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