Walter “Snowball” Williams was 78. He was terminally ill, though the condition was not specified.

As CNN and other outlets reported, when his expected death occurred, the hospice nurse that had been caring for him called a funeral home to pick up the body, as is customary.Sunset

However, on the embalming table, the body bag that contained him started showing signs of life—kicking and rhythmic breathing. The funeral home director called an ambulance. Paramedics brought Williams to the hospital. Sure enough, he had a pulse. His heart was beating.

Had his heart totally stopped and restarted? Was it a case of pacemaker malfunction, springing back to life? Just a simple miracle? His family and many others certainly think so.

No mention of what happened to Mr. Williams during his subsequent two weeks. My fear is that they were spent entirely in the hospital. One source indicated that he was able to return home.

That’s where the longtime farmer died, two weeks after he came back to life.