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Ever Had Back Pain?

Yes you have. Unless you’re a real statistical outlier, all of us have had (or will get) back pain at some point in our adult lives.’s annoying. It hurts. It makes us feel vulnerable. Back pain can mean many things to us:

  • a harbinger of serious illness
  • a predictor of disability
  • a reminder that we’re getting older

There are a couple of key facts you should know about “garden variety” back pain—the kind that 95% of us get.

Of the 95% of us that will get it, 95% of it will be self-limited, as in, it will get better. On it’s own. No need for x-rays. No need for MRIs. And for God’s sake, avoid surgery for low back pain.

There are things you can do to improve back pain, and prevent it from recurring (core strengthening, physical therapy, etc.).

As he’s done with his masterful video about the importance of (at least minimal) exercise, preventive medicine expert Dr. Mike Evans of Toronto (@docmikeevans) has done it again. This time for a scourge common to all of us. Watch the video below when you want to learn what the science really tells us about back pain.

It will change the way you think about your back pain. And hopefully get you working on a ‘back resilience plan.’


  1. vipin


    My name is Vipin and I’m from India. I’m doing a job of supervisor and basically most of the time I used too sit on chair. One morning when I got up my back started paining badly so I search on the internet about it but I was not able to find anything.

    • glasshospital

      Seems surprising that you couldn’t find anything. Maybe this post helped you.

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