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JAMA online first: Screening Test Buyers Beware

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Read the whole piece here.


  1. Tazia K. Stagg

    HealthFair’s response was hilarious! I wouldn’t call that refuting.

    Last week I asked a nearby hospital that had recently partnered with HealthFair, but was not contacted by Public Citizen, whether they planned to sever ties. They responded that they don’t plan to renew the contract, but specified that it was “just a business decision.” (Apparently they never had to consider health or ethics; how fortunate.)

    Preventive medicine is not a hospital-based specialty, and it’s a difficult one to respect. A reasonable person without relevant training simply cannot be expected to suspect that a doctor or hospital would be clueless (or malevolent) about preventive service delivery, or that a test that is bad for you would be offered to you. I wish my erstwhile professional society were more active in protecting Americans from this kind of exploitation. Thank you for your work!

  2. glasshospital

    Appreciate your comments, Dr. Stagg. Thanks.

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