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A Brief Chat with Scott Simon

I wrote a new piece for Shots, the NPR health blog. In an especially nice turn, the piece was “picked up” for a discussion on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday. I had the chance to answer some questions from Scott Simon, longtime host of the program and one of my favorite radio broadcasters.

simon_mother_originalSimon is well-known for many reasons, but one of the most endearing things about him is the period when he sent numerous tweets from a Chicago ICU next to what turned out to be his mother’s deathbed. His tweets moved millions of us. [It turns out those tweets will now be used as narrative thread for a new memoir about his mother.]

I would’ve liked to tell Simon about how his tweeting impacted me, but this being national radio, we had to focus on the matter at hand, and I didn’t get the chance. Still, it was a thrill for me. Our conversation was whittled down to less than three minutes, and you can stream the audio anytime as it’s now permalinked to the written piece.

Give it a read and a listen. Hope you it makes you think.

Post by NPR.

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  1. Judy Bee

    Dear Scott: I have just about stopped sobbing.

    My mom died alone waiting for me to get to her from the airport. I am so thankful you had the time and the way to help your mom. My sister had that on her own and I bless her for the care and love she showed. I didn’t get to say goodbye to either of them.

    Thank you for sharing your goodbye. I hope mine would have been have as loving. PS I think your mom and my mom are having a cocktail and a million laughs. We were both very lucky. Warmly, Judy Bee

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