I am a doctor – a general internist – and hold the Gussman Chair in Internal Medicine at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine. In 2014, I was named the 4th President of the University of Oklahoma – Tulsa.

I previously served as a faculty member and in medical center administration in teaching hospitals in Boston and Chicago, working to improve patients’ experiences.

I contribute essays to NPR and serve as a weekly guest host health-themed topics for Studio Tulsa on KWGS-FM, NPR’s affiliate in Tulsa. I’m creator and host of Medical Matters on KWGS. It’s about health care and the human condition. Have a listen.

The goals of GlassHospital are as follows:

  1. To provide transparency on the workings of medical practice and the complexities of health care.
  2. To illuminate the emotional and cognitive aspects of caregiving and decision-making from the perspective of an active primary care physician.
  3. To demystify medicine and improve the health care experience for patients.

I live in Tulsa with my wife, Sarah-Anne, who is a family doctor, and our two children.

Please share your comments, ideas, and stories on this blog.

To contact me, send an email to GlassHospital (at) gmail (dot) com.


This site is my personal site and does not represent the views of any other medical provider or my employer.

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John Henning Schumann, M.D.

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