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Goal-Directed Health Care (NPR Shots)

A Reflection on World AIDS Day (NPR Shots)

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Female Docs Can Achieve Better Outcomes (NPR Shots and heard on All Things Considered)

Hill-Burton Act at 70 (NPR Shots and Kaiser Health News)

Bright College Years (NPR Shots)

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Medical Me-Tooism (NPR Shots)

Doc Wrestles with Costs of Care; Loses (NPR Shots)

Keep it Simple for Health (NPR Shots)

Vote on White Coats (NPR Shots)

De-Prescribing; i.e. Pruning Meds (NPR Shots)

Don’t Hide When It’s Suicide (NPR Shots)

Rethinking Doctor-Industry Collaboration (NPR Shots)

Reforming Medical Education (NPR Shots)

Doctors Treating (their own) Kids (NPR Shots)

Some Suggestions on Medical Education Reform (AAMC’s AM Rounds blog)

When “Everything’s Fine” Isn’t (NPR Shots)

Wonder Abides, even for Skeptics (NPR Shots)

Slow Medicine (NPR Shots)

Ebola & Memories of SARS (NPR Shots)

Why I Keep a Necrology (NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon)

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My Secret Weapon vs. Back Pain (NPR Shots)

Medicare & Me (NPR Shots)

Cholesterol as Virtue (NPR Shots)

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Why Can’t Ted Stay out of the ER? (NPR Shots)

A Doc’s 9 Predictions about the ‘Obamacare Era’ (NPR Shots)

Docs and the Bully(ing) Pulpit (Health Affairs Blog)

Docs Want Off the Hamster Wheel (NPR Shots)

Competition for the Joint Commission actually exists (NPR Shots)

Overzealousness? (Oklahoma Policy Institute Blog)

A Year Inside a Medical Residency, Part 2 (theAtlantic.com)

A Year Inside a Medical Residency, Part 1 (theAtlantic.com)

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Help Wanted for Medicaid Expansion (Oklahoma Policy Institute Blog)

Paging Dr. Dilbert (theAtlantic.com)

Young Docs Opting for the Hospitalist Lifestyle (theAtlantic.com)

Buyer Beware (non-indicated screening tests) (op-ed in the Tulsa World)

Doctors are Real Bad Fortune Tellers (Slate)

KevinMD posts (@KevinMD)

Newspaper Mentions and other bits:

Interview with Robert Siegel of NPR’s All Things Considered

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Depression a real issue for Docs in Training (STAT)

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In the Heat of the Night” (NY Times Magazine Diagnosis column)

Crowdsourcing a Diagnosis (Slate)


Let women (and men!) doctors work part time… (NY Times, June 14, 2011)

Non-indicated tests are glutting our medical ‘system‘…(NY Times, March 2, 2012)


Pitfalls of DTC Vascular Screening Tests from American Family Physican

Hospital Relationships with DTC Screening Companies……Cease and Desist! from JAMA

A Team-Based Learning Module on Health Policy in the U.S. from MedEdPortal

What’s Wrong with Discharges Against Medical Advice (and How to Fix Them) from JAMA

Speculating on a Public Figure’s Mental Health from Virtual Mentor, the AMA Journal of Ethics

Ethics of Commercial Screening Tests from Annals of Internal Medicine

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Clinical Ethical Decision Making from Seminars in Medical Practice

But Doc, You have to do Everything!” from Seminars in Medical Practice

Docs and Advocacy from SGIM Forum