The Show about Health Care and the Human Condition

Season 3

Angelo Volandes, author of “The Conversation”

Damon Tweedy, author of “Black Man in a White Coat”

Sam Quinones, author of “Dreamland”

S2, Ep4:

Scott Hensley, co-host of NPR’s health blog, “Shots.”

Terrence Holt, author of the new short story collection, “Internal Medicine.”

Alice Domurat Dreger with a meditation on patient narrative, and who owns the story.

S2, Ep3:

Gary Schwitzer.

Anne Hallward of the award-wining program”Safe Space Radio,” broadcast on WMPG in Maine, discusses stigma from illness.

Alice Domurat Dreger filters her experiences giving birth through the eyes of a “data junkie.”

S2, Ep2:

Gary Schwitzer.

John LaPuma, aka “ChefMD” discusses “Nutrition as Health.”

Janet Pearson with a meditation on “Worry.”

Season 2, Episode 1:

Gary Schwitzer.

Elisabeth Rosenthal of the NYTimes on “Paying Till it Hurts.”

Shara Yurkiewicz reads “Post-Operative Check.”

S1, Ep4:

Gary Schwitzer of reviews recent health news, including a critique of breathless coverage of a blood test for dementia.

We talk with author and doctor Rishi Manchanda, author of the TED book “The Upstream Doctors” and co-founder of the non-profit Health Begins.

Scottish GP Margaret McCartney, author of “The Patient Paradox” weighs in on the perils of commercial screening tests.

S1, Ep3:

Gary Schwitzer of reviews recent health news, including the misleading headlines about the 43% reduction in childhood obesity.

We talk with Leslie Kernisan, a San Francisco-based geriatrician and blogger who’s interested in helping caregivers of aging loved ones and using mobile apps and other technological tools to assist them. She blogs at GeriTech.

A reflection from journalist Janet Pearson on enrolling her husband in Medicare .

S1, Ep2:

Gary Schwitzer of reviews recent health news, including the controversial Canadian mammography study that’s all over the news media.

We talk with Daniel Siegel, a UCLA psychiatrist and author of the book Brainstorm, about new understandings of the adolescent brain.

An essay from Harvard Medical Student Shara Yurkiewicz.

Season 1, Episode 1:

Gary Schwitzer of reviews recent health news.

We talk with Sherry Glied, former Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation. She’s currently the Dean of the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at NYU.

An essay from journalist Janet Pearson.