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Let the Buyer Beware (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary @26:22)

Chico, the Carny (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary @25:52)

Thoughts on Evaluating Docs-in-Training (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary @25:12)

A Doc’s Gotta Sell (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary @26:55)

Docs and Computers (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary @24:25)

Why the Doctor is Out (Guest spot on KWGS-StudioTulsa)

Medical Urban Legend (Marketplace commentary)

Cholesterol: Validation of the Self (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary @ 25:12)

Tough to find good medical care on my yacht (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary)

A Good Death (KWGS-StudioTulsa commentary)

Blogging @GlassHospital ( – Episode 704)