Bike the Drive, Chicago

What do Enterprise Rent-a-Car, KeyBank, and the Cleveland Clinic have in common?

They all make customer (patient) satisfaction a top priority.

They accomplish this in industry-specific ways, but together their emphasis on service as a passion shares common themes:

  1. Buy-in for a service culture comes straight from the top, and permeates the entire organization.
  2. Copious resources are delegated to building a service culture, starting with hiring.
  3. Employees are “hired for fit.” If a prospective employee doesn’t radiate service, they are re-directed.
  4. Employees are brought into a culture that leads to their growth, values their opinions, and develops their leadership potential.

Andy Taylor, CEO of Enterprise Holdings, inherited the business from his father Jack, and has built it into a mega-brand. Enterprise currently manages the largest fleet of cars and is the single largest purchaser of vehicles in the United States.

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