GlassHospital is a platform upon which I develop ideas about communicating medical and health policy topics to an informed lay audience (that’s you).

Plug-and-OutletI’m pleased to say that some of those ideas develop from blog posts into more substantive articles (e.g. my first-ever post on the NPR “Shots” blog this week). Some also morph into radio commentaries and fuel my latest passion, guest-hosting a local NPR interview show.

Recently some readers made it known that they were not aware of the radio work or other publications. I list them under the “Fun Stuff” heading that you can reach from the home page of the blog.

To honor their request, I’m going to link below to some radio highlights. Here’s wishin’ all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

  • A radio interview about Women In Recovery, an amazing Tulsa-based program that helps low-level female offenders get out of prison and back into life.
  • An interview with Kevin Pho, the founder and curator of, one of the most widely-read health care blogs and the author of a new book.
  • My interview with John Silva, CEO of Morton Comprehensive Health Services, a Tulsa-based federally-qualified community health center.
  • An interview with Jennifer Hays-Grudo, a nationally known researcher in health and development, who now focuses on “adverse childhood events” and how to minimize them.

There are many others. Check out “Fun Stuff.” And thanks for listening.