OU-Tulsa Convocation

May 7, 2013

Reynolds Center, University of Tulsa Campus

Remarks of John Henning Schumann, MD

Graduates, Families, Friends, Staff, Faculty, Dignitaries:

graduation_cap_and_diploma-2091Congratulations to you on reaching a major life milestone—graduation—having earned the degree that you’ve sought—whether the dream was born only a year or two ago, or decades before.

Tonight, almost 500 of you are honored as graduates of our vibrant institution. En masse, you are an amazing collection of individuals.

The youngest of you is a mere 21—barely legal, while the most senior is five decades older. Age is only a number. What matters is the desire. The spark. The intrinsic motivation to keep asking and learning well beyond “school age.”

For every man graduating tonight, there are three women.  What’s this we’ve been hearing lately about “Leaning In?”  I reckon that this ratio is a sign that we are leveling our playing fields.

Amongst the graduates here tonight are OU staffers; one set of twins; and two married couples. Your scholarly activities range from Health to Design; Engineering to Organizations and Leadership; Teaching; Relating; Healing, Organizing and innovating.

The breadth of your fields are inspiring and lend meaning to the rambunctious democracy that gives us all the freedom to choose our way of life.

Wherever you go with your new degrees, I encourage you to continue using your intrinsic motivation as a pathway guide.

With a nod to a mentor of mine, Dr. Rachel Remen of the Institute for the Study of Health and Illness, I want to share the Parable of the Stone Cutters with you:

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