GlassHospital is excited to announce that on July 6th we’ll be hosting the worldwide web’s Grand Rounds.

What does this mean?

Tune in here July 6th. We’ll be posting the finest medical writing from around the blogosphere. Anyone writing about an aspect of medicine is eligible to send in a post. Doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, nurse, resident, student, or patient. That’s right, as long as it has a medical bent (and it’s topical), there’s a good chance it’ll be included here. Heck, we’ll even include administrators.

Submission Instructions

  1. E-mail submissions to our editorial board directly at
  2. Put Grand Rounds in the subject line and give us a <brief> description of your blog.
  3. Please include your name (nom de blog is acceptable), the name of your blog, and the url.
  4. One entry per blogger.
  5. Recent posts between 400 and 1000 words are preferred.
  6. Posts are to be written for a general audience.
  7. If there’s a potential conflict-of-interest, either don’t submit your post, or disclose it.
  8. Stick to this week’s theme, at least in some indirect way. If it’s not obvious, don’t be shy about telling us why it fits.

This week’s theme:

In honor of our nation’s birthday and the big holiday weekend, the theme of the week is CELEBRATION.

Send along a post that involves celebration (happy or sad, if you know what we mean); picnics, Fourth of July, Summer, fireworks, Mom, apple pie, patriotism, heroes…

DEADLINE for submission is 1 a.m. Central Time on Monday, July 5th.

Looking forward to your submissions.