Let's make peace happen

Recently, I had the opportunity to decamp from the the friendly confines of GlassHospital and trek a few miles to the north.

GlassHospital has brokered a teaching and patient-sharing agreement with a nearby religiously-affiliated community hospital I’ll call Our Lady of Blessed Proximity.

Our Lady has a residency training program, just like ours, with the major difference being that nearly all of the doctors come from foreign lands.

Something you should know about medicine in America is that there are many more residency training slots (greather than twenty thousand) than there are U.S. medical school graduates each year (fewer than seventeen thousand). International graduates compete to fill those few thousand “extra” spots. These spots typically occur in less prestigious hospitals that are often in locations less desired by U.S. graduates.

I was supervising a team consisting of two residents and two interns (residents in their first year of training after medical school). We even had a couple of “observers” show up late in the month, as they were going to soon be starting their internships and wanted to get the feel of things around the hospital.

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