Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

GlassHospital is proud to host this week’s Grand Rounds, a compendium of medical-related writing and blogging from around the world. This week’s theme, in honor of the holiday, is CELEBRATION. Here at GH we’re pleased to be celebrating the six month anniversary of our debut.

We have 21 pieces to share with you, including one poem and one photo. This week’s submissions, all celebratory-themed, seemed to cluster into five main categories: Aging gracefully, history & literature, medical drama, health care policy, and good ol’ humor. So pull up a chair, maybe a nice iced coffee, and dig in.

Here we go:

Aging Gracefully

Delia O’Hara, a former Chicago Sun-Times reporter, who blogs at Birth Story, wrote a beautiful post celebrating her older daughter’s graduation, and her own good fortune in being there.

Eve Harris, writing at A Healthy Piece of My Mind, wrote in about her family’s “Cancerversary,” a 20th anniversary remembrance of her mother and how the Internet has changed the ways we gather knowledge.

Dr. Elaine Schattner, who hosted last week’s Grand Rounds on her blog Medical Lessons, submitted a wonderful post about the performances of James Taylor and Carole King together both on television (and later after seeing them in concert at Madison Square Garden). Wearing her doctor’s hat, she can’t help but celebrate Taylor’s apparent success in kicking drug addiction. “Life gets better as you get older,” the music made her think. Amen!

Marie Cooper, blogmaster of Nourish: Living, Laughing, Whining sent in a celebration of her resiliency in the face of multiple sclerosis. Fireworks are loaded with meaning for her as she courageously faces her chronic illness.

Finally in the Aging section, we offer Dr. Kimberly Manning, author of Life at Grady, a blog about her doctoring at Atlanta’s most famous public hospital. This post was sent courtesy of the American College of Physicians publication “ACP Hospitalist.” Poor Dr. Manning thought she was the hippest, coolest attending around. Then an outdated reference blew her cred. All of it. Boy, can I relate to this one…

History & Literature

Some of us liberal-artsy types make it here in Medicine. We often celebrate with our writing. Examples:

Look no further than Medical Resident, blogger at A Medical Resident’s Journey. She wrote a lovely poem celebrating her stethoscope.

Michelle Wood, blogger at Occam Practice Management, submitted an interesting history of physician signers of the Declaration of Independence. Very theme appropriate. Know how many signers were docs? Three. [Correction: Four!]

I was lucky enough to be driving last week around the same time as Dr. Charles, and got to hear the StoryCorps piece on NPR from last week about Lillie Love. Dr. Charles sent in a wonderful post about celebrating life inspired by her story, at his blog The Examining Room of Dr. Charles.

Lastly, though not exactly celebratory, Inside Surgery sent in an interesting tidbit that medical buffs and historians will like:  how snake oil earned its reputation–despite purported health benefits!

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