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This week I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you’ve been a GlassHospital reader.

We’re at the six month mark of our “go live,” and I wanted to share with you some of the successes that you’ve helped make possible.

In six months of “publication,” GlassHospital has been seen by:

  • 9,000 unique visitors from
  • eighty-four (!) different countries that have combined for
  • 53,000 page views.

The most popular posts have been:

  1. Emergency” (the very first one!), followed by
  2. A Good Death” and
  3. Lifestyle Modification

Feel free to check them out if you haven’t, or take a trip to refresh your memory. I’d like to think that the popularity of posts is predicted by the high-quality writing, but I also believe that it has everything to do with topic selection. People love to bash the ER, so I felt compelled to offer some thoughts on its successes and failures. Dying in America is a hot button issue; if you’re not a subscriber to The New Yorker, do yourself a favor and read Atul Gawande’s long article in this week’s (August 2, 2010) issue called “Letting Go.” As for healthy lifestyles, many people have asked me whether I’ve kept up with the Engine 2 diet. No. Well, not entirely. But I’ve put many of the principles into practice and have developed a modified version, reflecting my non-absolutist tendencies.

Other highlights:

Writing this blog, developing ideas that come to mind about demystifying medicine, has helped clarify my thinking. I’ve realized now that many of my posts are about “patient experience.” This is because I have a passion for making hospitals work better for patients, and in so doing, improving hospital performance. Shooting for the proverbial win-win. It’s helped me enlarge the scope of my job, and given me the confidence to talk with senior management about implementing patient-centered ideas. It’s still a daily struggle.

The emphasis on patient experience led me to the Cleveland Clinic to participate in and cover the first ever Empathy and Innovation/Patient Experience Summit. I’ve set a goal of being invited back next year as a presenter, to offer my thoughts on “Improving Patient Experience: From Zero to Sixty in One Year.” Blogging has helped me think up catchy titles before I even know what I might say or write. There’s still a lot to accomplish to earn that invite.

Lastly, joining the blogosphere has been a wonderful educational and networking experience. Posts from GlassHospital have been picked up by KevinMD, “social medicine’s leading physician voice,” as well as two different blogs from the American College of Physicians, ACPInternist and ACPHospitalist. GlassHospital has also joined the Medpedia network. We regularly contribute to Medical Grand Rounds and even hosted our first one here.

I’ve “met” many other prolific and talented bloggers, and hope to meet many more. I also hope to build a broader audience, so read on, subscribe, tell your friends, and re-post entries liberally when you think they are worthy on Facebook, Twitter, etc. As always, your comments are very welcome, as are your questions, ideas, and health care adventures and misadventures.

Thanks again for stopping by!