Way to go, Princess Kate!

284074C400000578-0-The_unsung_heroines_of_the_Royal_birth_were_midwives_Arona_Ahmed-m-8_1430602563133Not only did the Duchess of Cambridge deliver a beautiful, healthy baby girl, she should be a role model for the way she went about it.

Princess Kate had a well-thought-out birth plan. During the delivery of her first child, she developed a rapport with two midwives — favoring a lower likelihood of medical intervention during the labor and delivery. This time around, she chose to go with the midwives in the initial phase, having developed trust in them, with the hope that they could see her through the entire labor.

The princess reportedly used no anesthetics (“epidural” or otherwise) and had a natural childbirth after laboring in hospital only a little more than two and a half hours.

Good to know there’s surgical backup in case the labor didn’t progress or became medically complicated. But things went well, and Kate was able to do it her way — because she’d clearly stated what she wanted. In the case of childbirth, she wanted it to be as natural as possible — without medications or interventions.

Kudos to the princess and the midwives who attended to her. Article (one of many, just google away) here.