Noodling: Fun for the whole family.
(photo: National Geographic)

I live in Oklahoma. It was bound to happen.

Patient comes to our office for a “hospital follow-up” visit.

He’d been in the hospital with a severe hand infection. It had necessitated intravenous antibiotics coupled with surgical incision and drainage (“I&D”).

What caused his infection?

He lacerated his hand. Underwater. Muddy water. In the act of catching 20+ pound catfish. With his bare hands.


“Been doin’ it since I was twelve,” he told me. “Never had this happen before.”

I started wondering about the bacterial flora of catfish bites.

He wasn’t bitten, though. Scraped his hand on a rock reaching into a small underwater cave. That’s where you find the catfish.

And catch them with your bare hands. If you’re a noodler, that is.

Click here if you want to see a short video of some noodlers in action. It’s called “Okie Noodling.”

Remember, Noodlers: No Hooks, No Bait, No Fear…