Here’s the kind of story I love:

Albert Liebman, class of 2011

Meet Dr. Albert Liebman of Milwaukee. A member of the Greatest Generation, he enrolled as a freshman at the University of Chicago in 1939. He answered the nation’s call to war by enlisting in the Navy in 1942. He’d only completed three years of college. Fortunately for him, he’d already received an acceptance to medical school. [A bachelor’s degree was not a requirement in those days.]

After the military, he completed a residency in internal medicine. But he later added subspecialty qualifications in psychiatry and geriatrics. “I was always pursuing something that would expand my usefulness in medicine,” he said. To me, that shows resourcefulness and resilience.

He taught at medical schools throughout his career, and only stopped as a volunteer teacher at age 86.

He self-published six books, and is currently at work on his second book of poetry. [You can read an example, called “A Meandering Path,” here. This is a poem I can relate to.]

You gotta love a guy who gives his all to his country, his family, his profession, and his passions.

But what about that bachelors degree?

Better late than never, he concluded. So he checked with the university, which still had his records. Combined with some course work that he completed at the University of Wisconsin, he had enough credits to earn his degree.

So there he was at convocation, the oldest member (by several decades) of the class of 2011.

Serving as an inspiration to all of us; exemplifying the life of the mind.

And always striving.