Love me this AP news story about hipper-than-you-n-me Portland, OR.

Seems like city leaders have a little problem on their hands.disabledparking

The profusion of blue disabled parking placards has caused two crimps:

  1. Parking meter revenue.
  2. Parking spaces on city streets.

Call me a meany, but there are a couple of questions that LEAP out at me. I get it: mobility-challenged folks should certainly be allowed to park CLOSE to where they are trying to go.

But why do they get to leave their cars there all day?

And why shouldn’t they have to pay for it?

Fine—offer disabled folks a discount, as a disability could limit income and cost more in terms of equipment and health care. But parking with no skin in the game for absolutely free?

Lastly, I’m all for gettin’ myself out of the business of determining eligibility for these doggone things. People plead with their doc/NP/PA to sign off on their disability. Sometimes it’s legit; but I gotta say, sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch.

Now, I want to help my patients. But I don’t like being asked to fib professionally.

Why not let a jury of regular working people determine who should be eligible for placards?

I’ll be the first to admit: other than common sense plus a dollop of doctor-ese, I have no special knowledge of one’s need to park close. Or free. Or all day.

I hereby am announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Portland. Hold on. Better check the residency requirement first. Then again, maybe my doctor can write me a note.