I’m always on the lookout for good medical stories, wherever they may lurk.

Behold, an avid reader clued me in to yet another worrisome trend in medical overtreatment. The evidence is found in none other than the Thursday Styles section of an old standby, the New York Times.cruel-shoes

Do you suffer from ‘Toebesity?’ Laren Stover reported on people going to podiatrists demanding surgery on their feet so that they can fit into their expensive, high-heeled (and foot injuring) shoes.

Why go for a “hallux valgus correction with osteotomy and screw fixation” when you can have

  • the Perfect 10! (toe-shortening)
  • the Model T (toe-lengthening) or
  • a Foot Tuck (fat pad augmentation that helps with high heels)?

I’m struck by the overtones to the not-so-long-dead Chinese practice of footbinding. In our time, seems women are choosing the torture rather than having it inflicted on them.

Steve Martin clearly understood this, more than 30 years ago.