I’m offering a thought and prayer for the sixty million people coping with the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Here’s just a brief list of the preparations that cities and states all along the eastern seaboard have taken:

  • Subways-CLOSED
  • Airports-CLOSED
  • Train depots-CLOSED
  • Tunnels-CLOSED
  • Marinas-CLOSED
  • Beaches-CLOSED
  • Parks-CLOSED
  • Stock exchanges-CLOSED
  • Many businesses-CLOSED

Anyone ever remember all of this happening at once? In advance? Over such an incredibly large area?

Obviously, it’s too early to say, but the advance preparations here will hopefully save lives.

Prevention is all about reducing risk. Staying inside and keeping people from using public transportation, going to and from work and school, and amping up the warnings to stock up on consumables will likely reduce death and injury in this situation by an order of magnitude. No small feat for a storm of this size.

Congratulations to officials in so many jurisdictions for being on point and providing a clear and uniform message.

Cataclysm or not, it’s a poetic break from election madness.