This week I was reminded of ALPO dog food commercials of my youth, in which cowboy-turned-space captain Lorne Greene assured us the product was “100% meat and meat by-products.”


Two concurrent news stories brought that haunting phrase back to me:

  1. The revelation that two escaped convicts had tools (hacksaw blades) smuggled to them inside packages of meat.
  2. The story about Chinese authorities cracking down on a meat smuggling ring involving tons of 40 year-old meat that had been frozen, thawed, and re-frozen dozens of times.

Really ew.

rainbow white houseSupreme-Court-Saved-Obama-Care-Once-Again-6I agree with the correspondent who wrote: “…countless people [will be] forced to ponder the benefits of vegetarianism…”

Oh: And if you’re not that ‘into’ current events, just know that this week the arc of the moral universe of the United States of America bent sharply towards justice.