We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this medical “fascinoma” in progress.

My friend JZ is currently hospitalized in New England.

He has a fever of unknown origin (FUO).

I am calling on all House, M.D fans, real M.D’s, and other sleuths/puzzlemasters to help solve this medical mystery.

You can get the details here (his girlfriend, living-in at the hospital with him, is live-blogging his hospitalization):


Ever the open source Internet-er, JZ will send you his medical data from just prior to and including his hospitalization to help you figure out what’s ailing him.

Eternal kudos, gratitude, and likely Internet fame to anyone who can come up with the right diagnosis.

Here’s your chance to show that you could have/should have gone t0 medical school! (Or are smarter than anyone who did!)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dr. John (a.k.a. GlassHospital)

UPDATE: (March 23, 2010): JZ is out of the hospital, doing fine at home, even back at work. Still having nightly fevers, though. Most causes of sustained intermittent fevers–infections, malignancies, and autoimmune conditions–have been ruled out. The “crowd-sourcing” (i.e. putting it all out there on the Web) pulled up a couple of articles that may have ‘solved’ the case.  Further consult and treatment in the offing; there may be more updates here.